Meet our volunteers: Sister Gemma

Sister Gemma is our Girls' Camp Leader...find out why she volunteers and what she loves about Bosco.

What’s your name?


How many years have you been volunteering?

2018 was my 9th Year at Bosco camp.

Why do you volunteer?

I started volunteering so that I could do my bit for the children. I was training to be a primary school teacher at the time and knew that the summer holidays can be difficult for some children. I wanted to be part of making children's summer holidays fun and give them an opportunity to spend more time in the outdoors.

Why would you encourage someone to volunteer?

It’s an amazing opportunity to give children a holiday. You work hard but it’s one of the most rewarding jobs. The look on the children’s faces makes it all worth it.

Favourite memory?

This is a tough one. There’s lots of memories that I hold with me and I think I’ll always remember. But my top one is the year we had a month’s worth of rain in a day. The children were having a whale of a time, oblivious to the fact all the helpers were putting together a wet weather plan. That day I got to watch all the helpers pull together and work amazingly as a team and I watched the girls enjoy themselves despite the rain.

Magic moment

It’s hard to decide – either the look on the children’s faces when they’re enjoying an activity or the “thank you” messages you receive after camp. Those moments make all the work throughout the year so worth it. Those little smiles and the “thank you” emails keep me going throughout the year. 

Favourite meal

It might not be a meal but my all-time favourite is Bosco Crumble!

Close second I’d say is Bro Iain’s Sweet and Sour Chicken.

Cream or Custard


Crumble or Bread and Butter?

Crumble, hands down

Did you come as a child and how did you hear about the camp?

I never attended camp as a child but I wish I'd had the opportunity to. I began volunteering the summer before I started university. I listened to some of the volunteers who came to visit my secondary school and I've never looked back. I look forward to Bosco every year!

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