Boys' Camp Activities


Our camps are not just sports camps, at the Bosco camp we offer multi-activity days with a wide range of activities to suit all ages and interests. Camp activities for children vary from sports to the arts, as you can see from the samples below. All activities are included and open to all, they provide a great opportunity for children to try out new activities in a safe environment, surrounded by supportive and experienced helpers.


Football Tournaments

Whether it be the famous ‘Bosco World Cup’ or ‘The Bosco European Championships’ football is certainly a popular activity on camp with under 12 and over 12 competitions.





Our qualified instructor will get children shooting as quickly as possible and in no time at all have them hitting a bullseye! Do you have what it takes to win the archery competition ?








Head down to practise your skills at the Cricket net. For some added competition, we also have an under and over 12 competitions which are thoroughly enjoyed.







Camp Fire

If the weather has been good to us (fingers crossed), one of the favourite activities on camp (for helpers and children alike) is the famous Bosco camp fire involving a few sing songs by the camp fire with a warm hot chocolate afterwards.






Basketball courts

The basketball court arena is used for the competitions throughout the week.










Pick up a paddle, helmet and a life jacket to enjoy a paddle down the river all while supervised and risk assessed in a safe manner.








Head down to the river to enjoy a spot of fishing. The legendary Bosco carp has been seen but never caught. Could you be the first? 







Table Tennis

Need extra practice for the tournament? Some helpers here won this tournament when they were children and would be glad to share their "winning formula!"








The Adventure Playground

Features a climbing wall, zip wire, slide, balancing beams, monkey bars and a giant swing.








Rock Climbing

Part of the Friday Fun Day involves the climbing wall where each child can scale to new heights up to 25m high!









Olympics day is the best chance to win medals on camp.  Events include 100m, 400m, 800m, three- legged race, sack race, 4x 25m relay and a Bosco favourite - the backwards race.







At Bosco we are fortunate to have our own outdoor play pool which opens on sunny days.  We also take the children offsite twice a week to go to a local leisure pool complete with slides and wave machines and to a large army-based pool with balls of all shapes and sizes to play with.


Tag Rugby is also a very popular sport and competition at Bosco. By working on your speed and strength, the helpers will support you as you score that winning try!

Other activities include:

Chess and Draught tournaments, Fuseball, Lego building, Badminton, Hockey, Orienteering, Wide Game, The Super Team Challenge, Hunterball, Volleyball, Teddy racing, The Bosco Grand Fair, Bingo, Film Night and Bosco’s Got Talent.