Girls Camp


The girls' camp offers a variety of activities for the children to take part in, including arts and crafts, sporting competitions and activities for the whole camp. A selection of the activities we offer is set out below. Each year the activities team work hard throughout the year to change our activities schedule slightly so that returning Girls can have as much fun year after year.



Weather permitting, one of our favourite activities on camp is the Bosco Camp fire. The girls get to enjoy a night time walk with their tent sisters round to the bonfire. Then we have a rather noisy sing-a-long, before a warm hot chocolate rounds off a firm favourite nicely.






We like to keep the girls busy with various activities but sometimes you just need a moment to take a break. Including yoga in our day provides the children with the opportunity to relax.






Arts and Crafts

The girls take part in many various art activities across the week; these range from making a stain glass window, painting with your feet to maybe making an edible treat. Either way the girls come home with many crafts to remind them of their week with us.





Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another firm favourite with both the helpers and girls. The children are provided with the opportunity to reach new heights.














Our fully trained instructors will have the girls shooting a bull’s-eye in time. This is a great opportunity for the girls to try something that they probably never do at home.






Prayer Spaces

Over the course of the week the children think about all the things they are grateful for, all the lessons they have learnt, all the opportunities they have and all the things that God has done for them. They write them down and have a chance for some reflection.











Mad Science

Each year Professor Chaos comes to visit and wows both girls and helpers with his mind blowing experiments.  He provides an explosive show for us all and then works with all the girls making something ranging from slime or bouncy balls to parachutes or rockets.





Field Games

Over the course of the week the girls make use of the campsites wide range of open fields. They play games ranging from noughts and crosses, Welly Wanger, elephant races, Quidditch and Treasure Hunt.








Each year a variety of inflatables arrive on camp and provide the children with many hours of bouncing fun.










Fire Brigade

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Brigade. Last year, the girls were able to use the hose, learn about the breathing apparatus, build dams and run hoses. Everyone had a great day!













At Bosco we are lucky enough to have our own outdoor play pool. The girls use this over various sunny days for things such as water aerobics, swimming and water games. We also take the children off site once a week to a large pool at the local army base, where the children have fun swimming with balls and floats alike.

Water Olympics

The children take part in many water based activities and get thoroughly drenched and have hours of fun. Activities include Hose Limbo, Wet Potato, Dribble, Dribble, Drench, Cup Relay, Foot Bucket and the Play Pool.

Other Activities include:

Teddy Bear Racing, Bosco’s Got Talent, Bingo, Film Night, The Great Bosco Fayre, Bingo, Pamper Night, Sisal Trail, Scavenger Hunt, Aerobics, Quiz, Choir Practice, Tent Maintenance and an Obstacle Course.