Thanks to all our volunteers for 2018. If you would like to volunteer in 2019, you can register your interest here.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the applications opening in Spring 2019.

You can help us help 450 children have a holiday they will never forget... at the St John Bosco Children's Camp. Every extra helper means we can look after more children.

If you have helped before, we look forward to welcoming you back! We hope this year's camp will be another excellent summer. For first time helpers, we look forward to meeting you. The camp is located near Colchester, Essex, and transport is provided from central London, Beckton and Harold Hill.

The St John Bosco camp is a week packed with activities. From the moment the children wake up, until they go to sleep, we hope that there is always something for them to do. This takes a lot of energy!

In addition to running the activities for the children, meals are prepared each day for everyone at camp - children and helpers - and so there are times in the kitchen, and times washing up. But the atmosphere is superb, everyone gets involved together, and new people are always paired up with experienced helpers.

We work with around 140 children each week: two weeks with boys aged 8-13, and a week with girls aged 9-13. For first time helpers, we encourage male helpers to apply for the boys' camp, and females for the girls' camp.

We create an environment where each child is respected and encouraged, so that they discover new talents in themselves. Just like the children, every helper is different. We all need patience and good humour, but everyone has gifts to bring - and the different children need helpers who are sporty, helpers who are gentle, helpers who are energetic, helpers who are good listeners, etc.

Whatever your character and strengths, the camp needs you!